Removable Prosthodontics


Removable Prosthodontics


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Height of Contour, Tripoding


Parts of a Surveyor


Preparing Guiding Planes

Bonded Rest Seats

Occlusal Rest Seat Preparations

Cingulum Rest Seat Preparations

Assessing Guiding Planes

Double Embrasure Rest Seats

Using a Butane Torch

Using a Heat Zone Induction Unit

Instruments for Complete Dentures

Resilient Liners (Tissue Conditioners)

Custom Trays

Border Molding

Outlines for Custom Trays

Preparing Retentive Undercuts

How an RPI Rotates

RPD Framework Adjustment

Posterior Palatal Seal

Two Mirror Impression Technique

Final Impressions

Evaluating Final CD Impressions

Boxing and Pouring a Final Impression

Class III Path of Insertion

Class IV Path of Insertion


Diamond Bur Cleaning Stone

Occlusal Vertical Dimension

Facebow Transfer

Mounting a Maxillary Cast

Centric Relation Record

Protrusive Record for Condylar Guidance

Setting Denture Teeth (11 Videos)

Mounting a Mandibular Cast

Hanau Touch-o-matic Bunsen Burner

Cleaning Dentures (Patient Video)


Cleaning Partial Dentures (Patient Video)

Complete Denture Base Adjustment

Chew Test: Dx & Adjust Denture Occlusion

Clinical Remount of Complete Dentures

Hanau Torch Alcohol Burner